About Us

Local Boys Shave Ice was established in 2003, with a lot of love and very little money.

Once upon a time there was a father and son who lived on Maui. The single-father worked ten hour days, six days a week as a chef. Although he made money he never had time to spend with his beloved three year old son. Local Boys Shave Ice original snack stand located in the front of the Kihei Kalama Village Shopping Center where it still stands today.One day he decided that happiness was more important and quit his job to open a tiny snack shop. Actually it wasn't really a snack shop at all, just a humble little box with an umbrella with the words Local Boys Snack Shop written on the front. But somehow this was golden because now he could spend every hour of the day with his son who managed the cash box.

For the next five months, they gave free otter-pops to kids, sold cookies, candies and flowers. Together they worked seven days a week and never spent any profits. Eventually they saved up enough money to put a deposit down, which made the property managers look past his lack of credit. This gave them the opportunity to open their first store front location in the Kihei Kalama Village Shopping Center.

Immediately, they slid their box from the back of the mall to the front and nailed it in to place, where it still remains to this day and opened the now world famous Local Boys Shave Ice. Although business started slow, they gathered many loyal customers who loved their aloha spirit and the fact that they mixed their own flavors, always provided complimentary Roselani ice cream, mochi and azuki beans.

Now Local Boys Shave Ice can be found in Lahaina at 624 Front St. and the original location in Kihei at 1941 S. Kihei Road. Local Boys Shave Ice flavors are available to purchase online for wholesale or retail. Also check out the online store for other Local merchandise!

Although this story may sound like a fairy tale, it's very much true to life.